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I started off 2009 posting about how 2008 had been a year where I had… - Bright End Of Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 31st, 2009|12:30 pm]
[Current Mood |jubilantjubilant]
[Current Music |Sunny Hours Reprise - Long Beach Dub Allstars]

I started off 2009 posting about how 2008 had been a year where I had learned more about myself than ever before. Looking back over this past year, I would say 09 eclipsed 08. So many big changes in 09.... started coming out of my shell and partying more early in the year.... can't even count the number of good parties that were had in 09. on top of this, i was able to finish strong in university in my final term before graduating in june with my 4 year bachelor of business administration... finally something real to show the hard work i put in not only over the 5 years i was at u of w, but also my entire education. things finally paid off. little did i know back in june what a challenge it would be putting my degree to use.... but finally after searching and continuing to work at future shop, the call came just a few weeks ago, and i am finally heading down a real career path... but more about that later. 09 had many other interesting moments.
Perhaps the most memorable was the outrageous 2 week road trip that i embarked on with 3 of my closest friends... we saw pretty much everything the western United States had to offer.... drinking beers and meeting some new friends at Mt. Rushmore... seeing the most star-filled sky I have ever seen during a  pitch black Wyoming night....driving into Denver at 5am and seeing the sun come up over the mountains.... finding this tiny little ghetto park straight outta Mexico in the middle of Utah.... camping at the Grand Canyon.... crossing over the Hoover Dam at the Arizona/Nevada border..... 3 of the craziest nights ever in Vegas.... chilling on the beaches at Long Beach and Newport.... driving down sunset boulevard and finding the coolest little pub in Los Angeles... followed by stargazing by the Hollywood sign...camping in Monterey and finding a crazy Cinqo de Mayo party in the mountains.... checking out Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge....camping by the redwoods.... showing the guys around Seattle.... partying late night on Granville in Vancouver... having one final wild night in Osoyoos, and then one awesome very long drive home straight to Winnipeg.... I will never forget that trip and I was so glad I got to share it with Tyler, Mat and Aaron.

Another amazing trip saw the Worden bros and myself head down to Texas for a week to visit our dear friend Nikki... highlights included "hurricanes" in south dakota.... the children of the corn field in missouri.... never going to bed before 4 am and never waking up before 1pm....patron and grey goose (NAW I DONT GET HANGOVERS!!), the river tubing, seeing the Cowboys practice, the San Antonio riverwalk, Dick's, and the Alamo... great trip boys... great trip indeed.

Summer was an excellent time this year. I loved being accepted as a full fledged member of the cabin crew at Tyson's.... we did it boys... we finished that keg hard!! And we got to become wizards and poseidon!! Folk Fest was also something else.... I can't even begin to describe what those 4 days were like haha... its best summed up by..... "you guys.... this is the world" LOL.

Fall brought some fun times too... since I was only working and not in school there was more time to see friends and thats exactly what I did... awesome parties including the Hell party and Halloween.

Overall... I grew a lot this year... I know it sounds cliched but its true. I've seen some friends grow closer and some grow more distant... i've had love ones leave but I know theyre always with me... I've seen some doors shut while others now swing wide open.... and I know because of this that while 2009 was the year of awesomeness.... 2010 will be LEGENDARY!!! New job, full ownership of a car, new attitude.... 2010 will be a year of change, and i predict it will be all for that better. I personally cannot wait for this new year to start.